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      E-mail: dongrun@dongruncasting.com

      Aluminum Die Casting

      The History of Aluminum Die Casting in Dongrun

      In 1998 year, we set up our die casting factory near our foundry,1.jpg it takes 5minutes there. There were only two die casting equipments. By 2009 year, we have eight sets of die-casting equipment ranging from 125T to 1,250T, Including one set 125T machine, one set 180T machining, one set 225T machine, two set 280T machine, one set 500T machine, one set 800T machine, one set 1250T machine. Now Dongrun casting is leading the industry in high pressure die castings in Yongkang City.

      How to design die casting tooling is the key for the tolerance, finish and strength. There is a mold city in Yongkang City which is the biggest mold industry in Zhejiang Province, China. It takes 15 minutes to the mold city from our factory.

      We can make the weigh of range from 0.01kg to 15kg/pcs for aluminum pressure die castings, it is including lighting components, gearbox, brake system, engineer components, bike components.

      Introduction : Aluminium Die Casting

      Die-casting mould is made form steel and similar as permanent mold casting, suitable for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy. Now Dongrun is only an aluminum die casting manufacture, not for other metal. The die cast which the melted die cast aluminum is injected into the moulds under high pressure of 10—20Mpa. The thickness of die cast part is mini 2mm, the draft angle of die cast is 0.5o. The finish of diecasting is the best in sand casting process and die casting process.

      The machine is made up of two vertical platens. One platen is fixed and other is moving, can open and closed. When the melted aluminum alloy is poured into the shot sleeve, the shot sleeve will push the melted aluminum alloy into the mold cavity. After the aluminum alloy is solidified, the moving platen will be open, then the aluminum pressure die casting is removed.

      The mould is the best expensive in sand casting mould and permanent mould, so the die casting process is economical only for high production.

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