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Colour Profile

Below please find a sample of the type of colour profiles that will be featured in the Il-2 Modelling Guide.  Unlike so many other publications on the Il-2, this book will feature Il-2 profiles finished according to the latest research on wartime Soviet aircraft paint schemes and colours that will be second to none.  Gone are spurious "tractor-green" and "brown/green" schemes.  Only well-attested and researched profiles, drawn from actual photographs, will be shown.  The profile below features a UIl-2 (Il-2U), the trainer version of the Shturmovik, in the "three-colour" scheme, which was used from the middle or so of 1943 until the end of the war in 1945.  "Three-colour" refers to the three colours used on the topsides, olive-green, dark grey, and tan.  This is often misrepresented in other publications as a brown and green scheme.