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      E-mail: dongrun@dongruncasting.com

      Automotive and Truck

      Casting for Automotive&Truck Parts

      Casting parts are used in Automotive and Truck vehicle widely, especially aluminum alloy casting parts. Aluminum parts are approximately one-third lighter than parts made from steel or steel alloys — and a lighter Automotive and Truck offers increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. Aluminum Automotive and Truck parts also exhibit excellent thermal properties and can be casted net shape, which reduces the need for surface finishing.

      Dongrun Casting has been providing innovative aluminum casting solutions for more than 20 years. Our capabilities include customized Automotive and Truck casting parts to your exact specifications. We offer castings for the following Automotive and Truck casting parts :

          ?  Charge Air Cooler Tanks

          ?  Turbochargers

          ?  Intake Manifolds

          ?  Transmission Housings-Oil Pan, Gearbox, flywheel housing

          ?  Water Outlets and Inlets


      Our Automotive&Truck Parts Casting Process

      As usually, we are doing Automotive&Truck casting parts by gravity die casting and sand casting process. Aluminum alloy is our key raw material. Our Automotive&Truck parts are used in performance aftermarket and racing sport vehicle. And from casting to machining, which is done one-stop in our factory. Our factory have leaking test equipment, we can test leaking problem after casting and machining. Make sure no any leaks on casting. So we can produce high-quality work in a short amount of time.

      We Implement Stringent Quality Control Procedures

      When you work with Dongrun Casting, you can be sure your cast automotive and truck parts are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and TS16949:2009 Certified foundry, continuous quality improvement is embedded in our corporate culture. All Dongrun Casting team members are firmly committed to delivering work on time without any manufacturing defects.

      Learn More About Casting for Automotive&Truck Parts

      Discover the many ways in which aluminum casting for automotive and truck parts from Dongrun Casting can improve the quality and reliability of the parts you sell to your customers. Contact us for more information about our automotive and truck casting parts services and to receive a no-obligation quote today.

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