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      Forged Aluminum Alloy vs Cast Aluminum Alloy

      2020-10-28 14:17:45

      Forged aluminum alloys are aluminum alloys mainly used for forging processing. Cast aluminum alloy belongs to casting aluminum process, such as die cast aluminum process, sand cast aluminum process, gravity die casting aluminum process, permanent mold casting aluminum process. Let's take a closer look at the difference between aluminum forging and aluminum casting?


      Forged aluminum alloys include Al-Si-Mg-Cu alloy and Al-Cu-Ni-Fe alloy. Commonly used forged aluminum alloys are LD2, LD5, LD10, etc. They contain many kinds of alloying elements, but the content is small. Their thermoplasticity is excellent, so the forging performance is very good, and the mechanical properties are also good. This type of alloy is mainly used for die forgings that bear load and forgings with complex shapes.


      There are four types of cast aluminum alloys: Al-Si series, Al-Cu series, Al-Mg series and Al-Zn series. For cast aluminum alloys, in addition to the necessary mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, they should also have good casting properties. performance. Among cast aluminum alloys, the best combination of casting performance and mechanical properties is Al-Si alloy, also known as silicon aluminum alloy.


      Cast aluminum alloy has good casting performance, low density, excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and weldability; it is used to manufacture castings with complex shapes but low strength requirements, such as aircraft, instrument housings, etc.; low to medium manufacturing Strong castings with complex shapes, such as motor housings, cylinder blocks, fan blades, engine pistons, etc.


      Cast aluminum alloy processing brand enterprises:

      ZheJiang Dongrun Casting Industry Co,.Ltd was built in 1995, We have been in the casting industry for more than 25 years. No matter what type of molding you need done, we are the right supplier for your jobs. Unlike other of our competition, we offer four types of castings.
      sand casting

              ?Sand casting

              ?Gravity Die Casting

              ?High pressure Die casting

              ?Low pressure casting

      Dongrun Casting have 20000 square meters facility houses and 200 production & test equipment, From quotation and tooling design to casting and finished machining, we  can work with you at every stage. We serves wide range of industries-from Fortune 500 corporations to small and midsize OEMs. Our products includes:

            ?   Automotive&Trucking

            ?   Utilities Industry

            ?   Metering System

            ?   HVAC

              ?   Medical Device

              ?   Electrical Lighting

              ?   Architectural parts

              ?   Furniture parts

      Browse our online showroom to see what we can do for you. And then E-mail:dongrun@dongruncasting.com us your specifications or inquiries today

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